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How to Make Your Kids Want Books to Start Reading

Monday 15 April 2019 at 04:56 am.

If you have observed kids long enough, you will notice that there are children who seems to have been born with the desire to read.  Lucky for you if your kids have this gift.  What if, it’s the other way around?  What do you do so that your kids will be excited at the thought of going through books to start reading?  How can you create the desire in your children to want books to learn to read?

Creative Ways of Encouraging Reading

Fun is the operative word.  How do you expect kids to naturally want to hold in their hands books to start reading and books to learn to read, when all they want to do is play?  Hence, the challenge for parents is to combine reading and play.  Hopefully, the following suggestions will help:

  • Reading with friends – While your kids must eventually learn to enjoy reading on their own, reading with playmates, occasionally, will make them look forward to books to start reading and books to learn to read.  Schedule playful reading with brothers and sisters and other children in the neighborhood.  You will probably enjoy this, too. If you want to get more details about libros para aprender a leer, you may visit on librosparaaprenderaleer.
  • Use fun educational aids – Cartoons always do the trick. A small board or wall where they can draw what they read or write simple words will make it exciting for them, too. Using their favorite game, incorporating this in the reading task and your kids will love the reading time.

Get Your Child into It

One of the things you will discover about children, if you have not done so yet, is that they have amazing ideas.  With adults, it has been proven that, to get their cooperation, we need to get their participation.  It’s similar with children.  Bring them into the idea of creating ways to make their reading more interesting for them.  Ask them.  Then, let them do their share.