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Using Ad Placements That Work to Increase Ad Revenue

Friday 12 April 2019 at 04:52 am.

Web publishers who want to Increase ad revenue should use ad optimization techniques. Ad optimization techniques has the capacity to Increase ad revenue. Through the ad optimization method display ads for promotional purposes become more effective and functional.

There are several ways to optimize ads. Two of them have been very popular with web publishers:

  • Employing appropriate ad placements or locations technique – Apparently, the way the ads are place have impact on whether a website visitor will click the ads; and
  • Using the right ad network platform – Even the best ad placement or location will not work if you are not using an effective ad network platform.

Testing Different Ad Placements is a Must

Increase ad revenue is the goal of web publishers who place promotional ads at their websites to earn money. The way the promotional ads is positioned or located has a direct impact on whether those ads will bring in revenue. The key here is to try out different ad placements and monitoring the impact of the positioning on the goal to Increase ad revenue.  Furthermore, it is important to remember that the ad placements must not confuse the other features of the imtools review site. When deciding on ad placements, web publishers must also give priority to the user experience.

Using the Right Ad Network Platform is Necessary

Ad network platforms differ in the way they pay for each ad click. Hence, choosing the ad network platform that pays more will help Increase ad revenue.  However, a good ad network is also one that ensures ad relevance and quality. To Increase ad revenue, use an ad network that enables you to place ads that are relevant to your site’s content. This increases the chance of your visitors clicking the ads because they are useful for them.